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The core essence of our objective is to make your medical travel safe and secure. Each hospital or private clinic is carefully evaluated based on medical quality and its suitability for our international patients, before it is listed with India MediTourism.

You’ll find only punctiliously pre-selected hospitals and doctors that adhere to the highest international standards. No matter which Hospital or Clinic you choose, you can count on excellence in medical and cosmetic procedures, scientific research developments and the latest treatment methods. You can trust that we have taken the opportunity to personally visit each provider’s premises to see that they meet the criteria, we earmarked. The following are the criteria upon which our selection is based:


All hospitals have internationally trusted medical accreditations

We prioritize JCI - Joint Commission International, a USA-based medical quality standard that ensures rigorous checks in hygiene, quality control, transparency, and patient safety for academic medical centers and hospitals. JCI performs regular inspections to ensure that each facility has properly trained staff and hands-on patient care. In addition, we check for NABH - National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare, NABL - National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories, ISO - International Standards Organization, and national medical accreditations are all factors in our cooperation decision that ensure highest standards in medical quality.


International Rankings

Our portfolio includes high-performing hospitals and private clinics, including several that rank in the Top 10 Best Hospitals in India. Many hold rankings from Forbes, HTH Worldwide, Medical Travel Quality Alliance and etc. in Excellence in Medical Tourism awards. In addition, we prioritize rankings of reputation for specialty areas; for example, leading IVF centers, Cardiology, Dental, Pediatrics Institutes, or Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Departments.


Highly qualified, specialized physicians

A very trusted physicians at India MediTourism’s networked hospitals and clinics are highly trained, board-certified and specialized in their fields. Some of them had been trained with highly reputable hospitals/medical colleges of the world and have practiced in USA and UK before serving in India. This ensures that experienced specialists are available for any medical condition for patients of any age, from neonatal care, pediatrics, adolescence, middle aged, and geriatrics. Many physicians are recognized internationally and featured in leading medical publications due to their own research and treatment success rates.


State-of-the-art Medical Equipment

Indian Hospitals have been equipped themselves with ultra-modern technology with the latest advances in X-rays, digital scanning, Tesla Digital MRI scanners, oncology equipment such as Gamma Knife and Cyber Knife, Da Vinci minimally invasive robot surgery, and many others. Several of our partner hospitals such as Fortis Memorial Research Institute or Artemis Health science or Escort Heart Institute are among the most technologically advanced in the world and most of the hospitals in India are known for their high-tech medical solutions.


Recognized Areas of Expertise and Latest Treatments

We work with partner hospitals with modern, high-tech infrastructure and those who excel in their areas of expertise. Our partner hospitals offer excellent medicine in a wide range of medical specialties. We also work with deeply specialized treatment centers such as Dharamshila Cancer & Research Hospital for oncology, Fortis Escort Heart Institute & Research Center India for proton radiotherapy.


International Patient Experience

We ensure that each patient not only receives quality medical care but maximum support and comfort as well. We check patient satisfaction surveys to see how our partner hospitals accommodate international patients in terms of communication, services, religious dietary needs and other cultural considerations. In most cases, patients are even able to travel with family members and stay with them at the hospital. Many facilities also offer private culinary services and other amenities to make guests more comfortable.


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