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Plan Your Visit:

We understand that seeking medical treatment away from your home and loved one can sometimes turn out to be a physically and emotionally exhausting experience and we know that it can be stressful too. The procedures and paperwork you need to take care also make you worried in case of being a medical tourist. But be assured that with India MediTourism that your experience of getting treated in our networked facility is not only convenient but also healthy and you return your home country as soon as possible in high spirits.

You should keep in mind some basic steps which would guide you through the process of medical tourism and India MediTourism ensures you to have a happy and safe healing experience.


Learn about India MediTourism:

Through our website www.indiameditourism.com, we have tried our level best to pass over the information about our networked facilities, doctors and various personalized services. We’ve also strived to answer your doubts and queries regarding your choice of hospitals and why you should choose India MediTourism to facilitate your treatment.

Do take your time before taking a decision, to find out more about us and our services and facilities, so you can be assured that you receive what you are seeking.


Turn around response time:

We are at India MediTourism are dedicated to respond to you within 48 hours and provide you the maximum support. Depending on the nature of the medical assistance required the response may include an advice on medical procedure, duration of stay in India and also a quote about the treatment cost. If the concerned doctor requires knowing more or viewing recent reports, we will communicate to you accordingly to fetch information required.


Select from various opinion we shared with you:

The professionals of India MediTourism with their vast experience in this industry strives to provide you 4-5 opinions from various facilities choosing the best hospital and doctors combination best suited to your treatment.

We suggest you to carefully study the opinions provided by us and have a consultation with your treating doctor in your country and take decision. Once you decide, inform us to do the further needful required for your travel towards healthy life.


Arrange for travelling to India:

If this is the first time you are travelling abroad for medical purposes, make sure that you are well prepared. Keep in mind the following things to ensure ease and convenience for a comfortable travel:

  • Ask your doctor if you are fit to travel overseas with your medical condition.

  • Once you decide to continue your treatment abroad, let your local doctor informed so that you can continue your follow up treatment without a hitch.

  • Be sure to check the credentials and experience of the doctor who will treat you through India MediTourism.

  • When selecting the international hospital that's right for your needs, you should consider the hospital's accreditation, awards and recognitions, facility and equipment, etc. However all of our networked hospitals are JCI accredited or NABH certified.

  • Find out about the procedure and compare your expectations with what's achievable by the surgery. Also enquire about follow-up care needed, time required for recovery, physical therapy, etc.

  • Kindly be informed that in most cases the final decision to provide you treatment, rests with the doctor, who only would be able to give you an advice after meeting you in person and examining your health. It is possible that a doctor may decide you are not fit for surgery, or recommends treatment different from what you planned.

  • Certain documents must always be with you. Ensure that you carry multiple copies of the same and keep the originals in a safe place when abroad.

  • Records like X-Rays, MRI's, health histories, photographs, immunization records, prescriptions, and any other health records relevant to the surgery. Remember to carry all these medical reports and any medicines in your carry-on luggage.

  • You will need a passport and visa for you and your companion before leaving your country to travel overseas for medical treatment. Visa laws differ from country to country and get relevant information about visa beforehand to avoid any problems in foreign country.

  • You will need a passport and visa for you and your companion before leaving your country to travel overseas for medical treatment. Visa laws differ from country to country and get relevant information about visa beforehand to avoid any problems in foreign country.

  • Even if you are not planning to drive, bring your driver's license with photo for identification or any valid proof of identity and make sure it will remain valid while you're traveling.


Staying in India:

India MediTourism ensures and take care that our patients and their loved ones do not suffer any trouble and make sure to organize one’s stay in a hotel or guest house as per their budget and convenience prior and post to one’s treatment.


Things to remember while in India for treatment:

  • Getting registered at hospital: You are required to produce your passport at the registration counter to get registered at our networked hospitals. The hospital will maintain a copy of your passport (Photo page and visa page) in your hospital record. This is mandatory and is based on the directives from the Government of India.

  • Visa: If you have a Medical Visa, and are travelling India, you are required to register yourself at the Foreigners Regional Registration Office within 14 days of your arrival in the country (India MediTourism assists you). The prescribed format for the above is available with us. If the patient if from either Pakistan or Bangladesh, he/she is required to register himself/herself within 24 hours of arrival with the nearest Police Station or Commissioner’s Office.

  • Payments: India MediTourism do not charge any service fee from you neither accepts payment on behalf of Hospital. You need to pay to the treating hospital directly and most of our networked hospitals accept hard cash, all major credit cards like VISA, MASTER CARD, CIRRUS and AMEX.





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