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International Patient Services

At India MediTourism we believe in patient satisfaction by extending the best care and services. We strive to enlighten each step of your journey towards your healthy recovery. From the time you decide to associate with us for your treatment, India MediTourism takes utmost care to provide you the minutest detail and assist you to a comfortable journey to provide best treatment and services.


Second Opinion

A Second Opinion to help you better understands your diagnosis and your full range of treatment options available with our networked hospitals. Many times our patient send their medical reports for second opinion wherein their local doctor has recommended surgery but in most of the cases, we have experienced that surgery is not required after second opinion but some medications.


Tele-Conference with Doctor

Once you confirm the hospital/doctor for your treatment, We may arrange a tele-conference or video-conference in case the Doctor requires any further information to establish satisfaction and comfort level with the doctor and the hospital facilities.


Visa Assistance

India MediTourism arranges Medical Invite for you to apply for Medical Visa in Indian Embassy in your respective country. We send the Medical Visa Invite to you and mark a copy to Indian Embassy too in order to enhance & expedite your visa process in the Embassy with a recommendation letter.


Transport and Accommodation

India MediTourism arranges for you the best travel plan for medical tourism. Once the patient arrives in India, we will provide you ground transportation and accommodation (as per your need and budget) near to the hospital.


Registration at the Hospital & Treatment

India MediTourism Healthcare patient Advocate will be with you at the of hospital admission and will closely follow all your treatment procedures.


Post Treatment Follow Up/Accommodation

Once you are over with your treatment, You may require a follow up consultation with your treating doctor to get ensure that your recovery is going in the right direction. You may have to go for some tests, follow up care, physical therapy and monitoring. India MediTourism will assist you in finding an accommodation as per your choice.


Post Treatment Recreational Tours

If you wish to visit any tourist place in India post medical treatment, we will be happy to arrange a suitable recreational package for you at a competitive price.


Interpreter Services

In all over India, English is being spoken widely. But in case if any other language interpreter is required, we would be happy to arrange one for you.


24-Hours Emergency Assistance

All our associated hospitals provide 24X7 emergency services. If any other assistance or coordination is required then our team will be voluntarily available at your service


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