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About Us


India MediTourism, An ISO 9001-2008 Certified, with 10 vast years of experience in Medical tourism & healthcare industry, is a collage of professionals dedicated with a vision to facilitate world-class, affordable healthcare, ensuring a caring, comfortable and 100% satisfied medical journey to India.


The India MediTourism is formed to safeguard the Patient’s exploitation by unprofessional people, group of people, unorganized company or medical provider. Most of the time patient is made to pay more than the price offered after his admission and sometimes may end up paying for unnecessary or not required at all surgery/tests to pocket more profit by these groups or institutions.

India MediTourism figured out these problems faced by the patients coming to India and decided to help these patients with transparency, honesty, integrity and in a much planned way not only to provide them quality treatment, services and care but at an affordable and most competitive cost.


The perception that Middle man/Agent will only add to the cost and not to the value is an absolute myth, when it comes to India MediTourism. We have established ourselves at a position wherein we can add immense value to your medical journey in terms of ensuring world class quality treatment, personalized service & care at a place like India where one can easily get confused in sea of doctors and hospitals.


India MediTourism’s patients have received the best possible treatment through us and their feedback has become one of our motivation and driving factor in extending more innovative ways of assisting patients. We provide free expert medical opinion and successfully have facilitated the treatment of hundreds of patients from various countries under our networked Hospitals & Doctors. Similarly we strive for the critical financial aspects of the patients, which are meticulously planned. The sole endeavor has always been to provide lower and competitive treatment cost and remain committed to what has been promised with the help of our valued doctors and networked hospitals.


India MediTourism understands the entire need of patients, the whole system and process are designed in a fashion that patient has a very personal & customized services at each step of their journey from home to India and India to home. The most proud moment for us is adding every patient in India MediTourism’s family and becoming an integral part of Patient’s family and life.


What We Offer

  • India MediTourism offer Personalized Health Management
  • India MediTourism offers comprehensive & professional management of your entire treatment in India
  • India MediTourism offers free opinion from multiple experts & doctors.
  • India MediTourism starts to plan your treatment the moment you share your medical reports with us, figuring out the best medical care and Hospital doctor combination at the most competitive cost.
  • India MediTourism manages your case through our personalized Health Management System.
  • India MediTourism seeks multiples opinions from best doctors/hospitals after getting your medical query and reports.
  • India MediTourism assists the patient in making informed decisions by advising the best doctor hospital combination and multiple alternatives available for the treatment.
  • India MediTourism professionally manages your entire treatment in India for a hassle free treatment.
  • India MediTourism ensures to remind and assist you to consider different options and opinions to arrive at the best & satisfied treatment plan.
  • India MediTourism monitors the entire process of your treatment to ensure that your treatment is on right track and you receive nothing but the best.


Vision and Mission:

Our vision is to get recognized as the most trusted and caring Health Management Company by you. Our mission is to make difference in your life by providing you the best you deserve while your journey for treatment with us. We stand with you to have your trust and care for you till your satisfaction.


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