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Why India MediTourism?

Do you think it would be a wise decision to wade into a complex legal matter without a legal advocate? Do you think you can manage your business without a financial expert? Or can you manage your tax formalities without a tax expert? How much your health and wellbeing is important for you? Are you prepared to "extemporize" and hope that a direct approach to hospital can get things right for you?

An absolute “NO”. We've been in this industry for more than 10 years and better understand what works in right direction and what not. We work as your personalized advocate for your healthcare need. We are experienced, professional organization with a strong expertise in healthcare industry.

The loyalties of hospital employed patient coordinators are inherently conflicted and their involvement can sometimes be counterproductive. Once you employ us as your advocate, India MediTourism considers you as one master and with very clear priorities.

If you have medical condition requiring you to travel out of your country for treatment, you hope that you will be treated as an individual and that your health management will not itself be a source of stress, confusion, unnecessary expense or conflict. You want to get offered all the treatment options from various providers/hospitals, to get informed with adequate information upon which you could make an informed decision and to feel that you are treated with respect and dignity. You need to know your privacy is assured and your personal wishes about care are acknowledged.

Either you approach a hospital directly and pray or you can approach India MediTourism and give yourself the best chance for optimal outcomes. For many, your time of greatest medical need will coincide with your time of least capacity to cope, to assess and to decide what reflects your best interests and wishes.

In healthcare patients can experience a gap between what they need and what they get. The result is always a pathetic outcome if this happens.

We at India MediTourism believe that every person seeking a medical attention deserves a personalized, high standard health care, unfortunately very few gets it. The complex system, the language barrier makes the patient frequently feel overwhelmed or intimidated. This is where, India MediTourism takes you forth. An independent advocate dedicated to your case can help you make best utilize the system and get the best outcome possible.


Appoint India MediTourism as your “Healthcare Advocate - Always on your side, at your side”, to be with you for the duration of your treatment in India and experience your chance of optimal results enhanced.


India MediTourism’s dedicated advocate will assist you by:

  • Providing a confident and expert health professional who can interact with providers on a collaborative and professional level avoiding of any sense of intimidation or confrontation.
  • Obtaining a second opinion if doubt or uncertainty exists.
  • Assisting in medical appointments, tests, understand your illness and treatment options.
  • Supporting and guiding you so that you could take informed decisions about your treatment.
  • Taking frequent update from your healthcare provider to review your health progress or recuperation and providing feedback if necessary.
  • Exploring the alternate and available treatment options to allow you to better informed and you choose what is in your best interest.

Available for you 24/7 for you to achieve optimum outcomes.


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