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What is a Healthcare Patient Advocate?

India MediTourism provides a very personalized service which is designed and swotted to meet each patient's wishes and requirements. You will not be a round peg in a square hole. You will not be offered a "one size fits all" solution.

India MediTourism works directly for the patient and does not have a moral or practical conflict of interest with a health provider facility or Hospitals.


Why India MediTourism as your Healthcare Advocate?

In India, Hospital’s mission is to provide treatment but they less focus on the auxiliary services or care, a patient may require beside his medical attention. The staffs of the hospitals are well trained but the workloads upon the staffs are very high, compelling them to handle many patients at a time. The system has shinned in recent decades to the point where access to services is difficult, standards have declined and care is fragmented and is less focused on the individual patient. Gaps in health management have developed, stress, frustration, expense, poor hospital service and poor medical care can result the outcome unsatisfactorily. 

Optimal health is invaluable and hence India MediTourism comes into picture as an independent patient advocate assisting you to effectively utilize specialist consultations, Treatment and Stays in India.

This role does not encompass any decision making regarding medical care. It involves assisting you when you need to make such decisions and then ensures your wishes prevail.


What are the advantages of Healthcare Patient Advocate over Healthcare Provider?

The biggest benefit to patients with India MediTourism is the elimination of conflicts-of-interest. Whereas healthcare facilities like hospitals often provide coordinator to work with patients, those coordinators must adhere to the rules of their organization. Wherein India MediTourism is dedicated to work directly for patients and supports only the genuine needs of the patients. India MediTourism keeps a close watch on your bills, eradicating unnecessary tests, overbilling and unnecessary consultations.

The system of Hospital itself is very complex and access can be difficult that too if the patient is from foreign land. For some patients, just knowing where to find suitable facilities that are reasonable without compromising with quality is stressful. India MediTourism stands by your side, when you need the process of access and co-ordination of your management to be streamlined and simplified. 

The language of healthcare is difficult and the delivery system often almost incomprehensible, frequently patients find themselves confused and excluded by a momentum and culture that assumes that patients are health literate and have the knowledge and energy to defend themselves. India MediTourism Patient’s advocate will assist the patient to acquire the knowledge that is fundamental to the countless informed decisions they will need to make. India MediTourism Advocate will help you to help yourself.

If your health provider (hospital) is causing you anxiety in terms of care or progress, an India MediTourism Patient’s Advocate can meet with your provider and doctor to discuss your concerns. India MediTourism coordinates with the hospital and doctor to ensure that your health management stays on track and you recover your satisfaction and your expectations are met.

In case you are not satisfied with your treatment and need a temporarily pause in proceedings. India MediTourism’s Patient Advocate can request that the treatment be reviewed and seek a second opinion on your behalf.  Depending on that opinion, the treatment may continue as before or it may become evident that there is a better alternative to proceed with. The use of second opinions is common in medical practice and when it is indicated, does not create a confronting situation.


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