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What is Medical Management Services?

An Engineered Medical Management Service fills the gaps in health care that are being created by changes in the health system and in the demographic of health consumers.  For patients, their families and their providers, a healthcare Patient advocate works to ensure comprehensive assistance from the very beginning of a health care episode till the end of the process. We call it “A good sense” and it’s not a luxury because India MediTourism’s Medical Management Service comes with no cost or strings attached.

India MediTourism’s Medical Management Service is a collaborative process of assessing your medical case, recommending the best combination of hospital & doctors, planning your travel, coordinating and implementing multi-disciplinary medical services to ensure the quality and cost effective outcomes to achieve the best possible treatment and rehabilitation for you.

With our Medical Management Service, you engage a Healthcare Advocate to assist you for a period that covers a (planned or urgent) healthcare episode (e.g. planned knee surgery or cardiac surgery) and you have an expert by your side to assist you from admission to discharge. The patient advocate is your eyes, ears and even mouth when you are not in a position to express yourself.  You are our priority and we assist the doctors and providers, assisting you get the best outcome possible.

Your healthcare advocate is always on your side at your side, qualified, experienced, medically literate and a very good communicator and negotiator. 

This service is well focused to assist patient who is in need of medical attention that is either unavailable in your own country or very expensive.  With India MediTourism’s assistance, false steps and frustration can be minimized.  Your healthcare advocate will assist you through the early stages till the end of the procedure and then act as a backup resource as needed.

The Medical Management service of India MediTourism acts as your right hand especially for individuals, elderly people looking for quality service under affordable cost and of course without compromising with the quality treatment.  


How India MediTourism’s Medical Management Service works?

Medical Management service strives to ensure that patients receive the appropriate medical attention while minimizing the treatment cost. Medical Management Service team coordinates with the provider for medical procedures, suggests treatment options and monitors ongoing medical treatment.

The Medical Management Service makes way to an opportunity for the providers / doctors to combine their expertise and resources to provide the most efficient, high quality care required to deliver the patient’s needs. The alliance is set to deliver quality treatment outcomes.

Medical Management Service begins with the evaluation and assessment (reassessment if required) of the patient’s current condition, usually with the tests required for the course of treatment. After carefully evaluating the case in the light of available reports, the best course of action is decided in coordination with our Medical Management system and the medical provider/doctors.

Throughout the treatment plan, each patient’s progress is monitored by our Medical Management Service team. A constant communication with the patient is maintained to ensure that all healthcare needs of the patient are met and patient recuperates to his/her satisfaction.


What are the objectives of India MediTourism’s Medical Management Service?

  • Identifying the patient’s need and selecting the best available combination towards his satisfied wellbeing.
  • Providing all the available options for his treatment and suggesting the best available alternatives.
  • Advocating on how to best utilize the available resources.
  • Coordinating with the doctor and making the treatment plan understand.
  • Focus on outcome of treatment and ensuring the treatment process scales to the desired outcome.
  • Assisting patients in recognizing the usefulness or limitations of services.
  • Negotiating with providers and monitoring duplication towards the controlled treatment costs.


What are the benefits of India MediTourism’s Medical Management Service?

  • India MediTourism’s Medical Management Service strives to bring the patient, doctor and provider on the same platform for common goal to achieve the best treatment.
  • India MediTourism ensures to recommend the best available combination of doctor and hospital.
  • India MediTourism’s Medical Management Service can be customized as per the patient’s need and requirement to put the patient in comfort zone.
  • India MediTourism’s Medical Management Service empathizes and continuously monitors the ongoing care.
  • India MediTourism’s Medical Management Service also ensures to regularly updates your recovery to your family members back at your home.
  • India MediTourism’s Medical Management Service helps you save 5-10% compared to other service providers.
  • India MediTourism ensures selection of the best and most appropriate doctors, Coordinating while consultations with the doctors and that the patient receives the prescribed treatment.
  • India MediTourism helps you in hospital admission and ensures a smooth transitioning of the patient to the appropriate level of care.
  • India MediTourism monitors the packaged costs throughout the treatment process, managing an increased saving for you.
  • India MediTourism, if required intervenes to make sure that the treatment is going as prescribed by the doctor to achieve desired goals and outcomes for the patient. It monitors the effectiveness of treatment plan at every stage.
  • Last but not least, find us 24/7, 365 days, round the year at your service.

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