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India MediTourism’s willingness & eagerness to assist and attend your medical needs is a facet that we value and serve with utmost dedication and responsibility. You can be assured that your medical needs would be taken care on utmost priority and with utmost sincerity and care. We carefully evaluate your medical reports and on the basis of evaluation, we choose the best combination of hospital and doctors to choose from under our Medical Management Service. We also share with you a detailed advice upon your travel for medical tourism.

  • Be sure of getting multiple opinions (Maximum Five) within 72 hours from us.
  • Choose from best available options of Doctor / Hospitals combination and destinations.
  • Best advice to save money is guaranteed from the team of our networked experts.


We Architect

India MediTourism very carefully chooses the best Doctor & Hospital combination to architect your complete course of treatment with us. We go to an extent of exploring the various possible options available for you and come up with the most suitable and appropriate doctors and hospitals combination towards your hassle free treatment. We also assist you with your travel plan, arrangement of guest house to ensure a comfortable stay for your family while you recuperate. We also attend to your requests, if made, for any other special medical services.

  • Recommending the best and most appropriate doctor and hospital combination.
  • A very carefully negotiated Medical Treatment Package.
  • Arranging medical visa invite from our end for you to apply for Visa.


We Process

We take immense effort to deliver an effective and satisfied service from our end. Our executive greets you at your pick-ups from airport. You are either escorted to the hotel/guest house for your refreshment or to the hospital and then consultation with the appointed doctor to plan your treatment on priority follows.

We keep your family members back at home informed on regular basis about your progress and recovery through our E-MediNews (weekly update) Electronic journal towards a satisfied journey back home.

  • Zero waiting time for consultation with your appointed Doctor.
  • Regular coordination with your treating doctor and monitoring your recovery.
  • Any post therapy treatment if required.


We Execute

India MediTourism a trusted name in Medical tourism, is a collage of experienced experts managing all your medical needs ensuring it to be effective and hundred percent successful. We ensure to offer all this when we organize our medical tourism package for you. Right from the invitation letters for embassies as application for medical visa, assistance in booking flights, a prior appointment with your treating doctor. A dedicated healthcare Patient Advocate for you, and even an interpreter or communication aid if need be.

  • Invitation letters for embassies to apply for medical visa.
  • Assistance in booking flights.
  • If necessary, a prior session with the doctor before you fly.
  • A Healthcare Patient Advocate for your assistance.



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