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Your Satisfaction Monitored

India MediTourism endeavors for your satisfaction. Throughout the treatment plan, each patient’s progress is monitored by our Medical Management Service team. A constant communication with the patient is maintained to ensure that all healthcare needs of the patient are met and patient recuperates to his/her satisfaction. We just don’t consider it a routine job to be completed but a precious health to be recovered. 


Committed to your health needs:

  • We excel because of our Patient Satisfying Approach.

  • Strives to bring the patient, doctor and provider on the same platform for common goal to achieve the best treatment.

  • Ensures to recommend the best available combination of doctor and hospital appropriate for your treatment.

  • Services can be customized as per the patient’s need and requirement to put the patient in comfort zone.

  • Our E-MediNews regularly updates your recovery to your family members back at your home.

  • We strive to reduce your treatment cost by 5-10% compared to other service providers.

  • India MediTourism ensures selection of the Best and most appropriate doctors, Coordinating while consultations with the doctors and ensuring that the patient receives the prescribed treatment.

  • We ensure a smooth transitioning of the patient to the appropriate level of care.

  • India MediTourism monitors the packaged costs throughout the treatment process, managing an increased saving for you.

  • We, if require intervenes to make sure that the treatment is going as prescribed by the doctor to achieve desired goals and outcomes for the patient. It monitors the effectiveness of treatment plan at every stage.

  • Last but not least, find us 24/7, 365-days round the year at your service.

We take pride when our highly satisfied and happy clients refer us to their near and dear ones for our excellent patient satisfaction. 


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