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What to do after getting treated?

After your treatment, there're number of considerations to be kept in mind for post-treatment recovery period. Depending on the level of invasiveness of the procedure you undergo, you may opt to remain in the area where your treatment was provided to schedule follow up examinations with the hospital. If possible, you may also take advantage of your time in India to do some exploration viz. visit a spa or check out some of the country’s cultural or historical attractions of course consulting your Doctor/Facilitator..

Those undergoing dentistry or cosmetic surgeries that are less invasive may choose to travel around India to participate in various activities available throughout the year. Spectacular beaches and islands or mountain retreats, which are ideal for rest and relaxation.

Whatever medical treatments you opt to undergo, there are numerous options for post-treatment therapeutic care as well as a wide variety of recreational activities, allowing you to make the most of your Medical Leisure in India. Your Facilitator is your best guide and could suggest a lot depending upon your interest and taste.


Some other factors to consider:

  • How much pain is expected after the procedure?

  • How long will the pain last?

  • What complications can occur during or after this kind of procedure?

  • Do I need physiotherapy after the procedure? If yes for how long?

  • Can I choose physiotherapy at my home or do I need to take it here?

  • What & how long I need assistance at home after the procedure?

  • How long should I wait before I can go back to work?

  • What restrictions will there be on my normal activities after the procedure? For example, will I be able to drive/climb stairs/run/play sports/have sex/take a bath?

  • Do I need a comeback for a follow up examination or if I do need a examination, Is it possible online?


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