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Q1. Why should INDIA MEDITOURISM be considered your advocate for any medical & surgical procedures?

India MediTourism offers a wide range of exceptional medical facilities at a comparatively less expense. Making use of the same technology and medical knowledge, INDIA MEDITOURISM’s networked hospitals and doctors offer health care at a substantially less price, in some cases the difference can be as much as 60% less compared to developed countries. The result is a win-win situation - world class medical care with latest technology and savings too – for patients seeking any medical and/or surgical procedures

Q2. Is the Hospital Accredited?

All of our networked hospitals are ISO Certified and either JCI Accredited or/and ISO Certified. Some of them are also crowned with National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) and National Accreditation Board for Hospital and Healthcare Providers (NABH) Accreditations thus bringing the world's best healthcare quality standards to INDIA MEDITOURISM.

Q3. How to get a quotation/treatment plan before arriving to the hospital?

You’re requested to send us the scanned copy of patient’s case history including past treatment taken, latest medical reports, as well as current clinical status. These reports are checked by our Specialist Consultants enabling us to provide the estimated cost of treatment, Treatment Plan and estimated duration of your stay in India within 48 working hours for you to decide the further course of action.

Q4. What is the time taken for the entire process of getting my appointment once you have received my medical records?

Once you decide the Hospital, India MediTourism arranges appointment date with Specialists. There is no waiting time with us as India MediTourism have dedicated International Patient Service Channel assisting you with an immediate consultation with the experts and all of our networked hospitals have ample number of specialists across various departments giving no room to waiting time.

Q5. Can you guide us for getting a visa?

YES. Once you confirm your visit to one of our networked hospitals, India MediTourism will provide a visa Invitation Letter (VIL) to the nearest Indian Embassy in your country. This will help you obtain a medical visa. To process VIL, India MediTourism requires: a. Patient's name and Scanned Copy of Patient’s Passport b. Scanned copy of Companion’s passport c. Your tentative date of arrival and Flight details. Note: International patients have to register at the Foreigner’s Regional Registration Office (FRRO) within 14 days of their arrival. Our patient relationship manager will help with all the formalities.

Q6. Do the staffs speak my language?

In case patients need help in their own language, the interpreter can be arranged.

Q7. Any special facilities and services that you provide to international patients?

India MediTourism has dedicated Patient Relationship Managers to coordinate with our International Patients at all our networked hospitals. They provide with all the necessary assistance required, such as appointments, registration, admissions, payments, billing, interpreters, foreign exchange, visa extensions, registration with the Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office (FRRO), travel assistance, hotel accommodation outside the hospital. Other specialised services include:

  • Airport pickup and drop.
  • Fax, photocopy, and courier services*.
  • Laundry services, In-room color television, cable connection, DVD player*
  • Wi-Fi connectivity,* Complimentary stays in the patient room for one attendant.
  • While patient is being operated on, India MediTourism provide arrange accommodation* for the attendant/s.
  • Special arrangements to meet specific religious or dietary needs.
  • Daily updates for your referring doctors and family.

Q8. Do you charge for the services provided by your international help desk?

India MediTourism do not charge anything extra for the services provided by our international patient services desk. Our International Patient Relationship Manager will take care of the patient with regard to any questions or problems that may arise.

Q9. What measures does the hospital take to ensure patient safety?

India MediTourism and its associated Hospitals follows strictly the international standards of accrediting organizations like JCI & NABH and is strongly committed to maintain and improve patient safety as well as care. Medical care given to patients is monitored constantly by India MediTourism through daily updates from our patients and the hospital management and medical staff. India MediTourism & hospital management reviews all concerns and feedbacks given by patients, physicians, the medical staff or administrators and responds to them accordingly.

Q10. What modes of payment do you accept?

Whichever mode is convenient to you i.e. Wire Transfer, Debit or Credit Card.


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