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Apollo Hospital

Sarita Vihar, Mathura Road, New Delhi - 110076 , INDIA

Apollo Hospital


Apollo Hospital is often touted as the architect of healthcare in India due to it's immense contribution in the improvement of healthcare standards, quality and care in India. With the level of contribution that Apollo Hospital has put into the Indian healthcare industry this title is highly justified. With over 5000 doctors and 10,000 beds and 64 hospitals Apollo Hospital is a giant in world healthcare system. Apollo Hospital operates globally and has many hospitals in different countries across the globe. Over the past 30 years since its inception, Apollo Hospital has served over 42 million patients. Apollo Hospital has one of the best advanced medical technology and top doctors of India. It serves international patients from over 130 countries and is a significant player in the medical tourism sector in India.

Key Features:

Served 42 million patients Conducted over Health Wellness Checks 4,00,000 Worlds biggest sleep laboratory Pioneered Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery in India Conducted over 750,000 major surgeries and 10,00,000 minor surgeries Done over 49,000 cardiac surgeries with 98.5% success rate. Performed 2,00,000 angiograms, 16,200 angioplasties (PTCA) First heart implant on a 7 year old patient Done 9,400 kidney transplant surgery in India 130 Bone Marrow Transplants performed at highest success rate Over 30 liver grafts done (Live and cadaver)

Major Specialities:

Orthopaedics | Neurology | Cardiology | Gastroenterology | Multi Organ Transplants | ENT


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