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Dharamshila Cancer Hospital

Vasundhara Enclave New Delhi – 110096 (India)

Dharamshila Cancer Hospital


Dharamshila Cancer Hospital And Research Centre (DHRC) - Based in India, Delhi NCR, is North India’s first Cancer Hospital which has been serving cancer patients for more than two decades and provides facilities for Cancer Prevention, Early Diagnosis, Staging Work up and Comprehensive Cancer Treatment with a mission to fight and win the battle against cancer.

DHRC is known as the best cancer hospital in India for comprehensive cancer treatment. Dharamshila treats all cancer types like Breast Cancer, Oral Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Head and Neck Cancer, blood cancer, leukemia at its super specialty centers i.e. Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology performing cancer surgeries, Gynae Oncology etc. and these centers are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and world class technologies.

Dharamshila Hospital and Research Centre (DHRC) houses the most powerful and precise tools for Diagnosing and Treating Cancer. Dharamshila offers the most advanced and comprehensive technology in the fight against cancer.

The most sophisticated technologies used for diagnosing cancer at Dharamshila Hospital are HD PET CT scanner with LSO Crystal Technology, Gamma Camera (Nuclear Scans), CT Scans, MRI, Digital Mammography, High end Ultrasound machines, Dexa Scans etc.

Dharamshila Hospital was the first hospital of North India to offer VMAT Radiation Technology, which delivers IMRT, IGRT, SRS, SRT and SBRT and provide personalized, safe and high quality radiation which selectively radiates tumors while protecting surrounding healthy tissues.


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