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Jaslok Hospital

15 – Dr. Deshmukh Marg, Pedder Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400026, INDIA

Jaslok Hospital


Jaslok Hospital is one of the first multi-specialty hospital in the state of Maharashtra. A full-fledged super speciality hospital, Jaslok Hospital boasts of 364 beds and 265 trained and certified physicians.

Jaslok Hospital also has a school of nursing where bachelors degree in nursing is awarded. In recent years Jaslok Hospital has become the primary referral centre for patients who need advanced treatments. Despite being in Mumbai, patients from across the state come to Jaslok Hospital for their treatment and referral.

With state of the art infrastructure backed by superior highly advanced medical technologies Jaslok Hospital has made a name for itself. Having over 35 specialities, Jaslok Hospital offers treatment in all the major areas of medical science.

Jaslok Hospital has been awarded on numerous occasions in the past and was adjudged the best multi speciality hospital in 2014 in India.

Key Features:

National Excellence in Healthcare Award 2014 NABH Certified hospital in India Ranked in Top 15 hospitals in India 365 bed advanced facility 35 specialites Quality Brand Award by Quality Brand Times Best Hospital Award by Newsmakers Broadcasting Communications

Major Specialities:

Orthopaedics | Neurology | Cardiology | Gastroenterology | Multi Organ Transplants | IVF |


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