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Yeneneh Y, Age: 52, Country: Djibouti, Diagnosis: Lasik Eye Surgery

Yeneneh Y, Age: 52, Country: Djibouti, Diagnosis: Lasik Eye Surgery

Highly recommend! The treatment has transformed my life. How cumbersome life had become wearing glasses from text messaging to recognizing shampoo and conditioner when in the shower!!

First experience with India MediTourism was by means of their website which is quite informative and genuine posting the advantages as well as the potential risks, which gave me a feeling of certainty. A compelling variable in my choice to attempt for surgery through India MediTourism was that the insights depended on outcomes of Second Opinion from India MediTourism was encouraging.

I planned my travel and submitted my documents along with my wife and son to obtain Medical Visa. We got our ticket booked and the itinerary was informed to India MediTourism. To our surprise, we found India MediTourism staff waiting for us at Airport. We were welcomed by One Mr. Rahman and he was very courteous to us guiding us about my surgery and meanwhile showing us important places on the way to our hotel.

Next Day the same person came to pick us for our scheduled appointment with Doctor in Fortis Hospital and with zero waiting time we had a very smooth consultation with the doctor who also assured me about hassle free surgery of my eye.

When it came time for the surgery, I was anxious, as anybody would be, however the Healthcare Patient Advocate appointed by India MediTourism helped me to unwind and it appeared to be so standard. The surgery was snappy and effortless albeit peculiar, and the outcomes prompt. After the surgery I felt just as I had the backing there on the off chance that I required it.

I thank you India MediTourism for their assistance throughout my stay in India and also for the free city ride they gave to my family while I was recuperating. We also Planned our tour to Goa with help of India MediTourism as they arranged everything for us, Without charging anything from us. Their services were free and the complete assistance came with no charges at all except the charges I paid to Hospital for my lasik Surgery.....
Muhammad Shekuriya Ahmedin, Age: 28 Years, Country: Ethiopia Diagnosis: Gastric Cancer

Muhammad Shekuriya Ahmedin, Age: 28 Years, Country: Ethiopia Diagnosis: Gastric Cancer

While surfing on internet, I came across India MediTourism website and was amazed to see the details of treatments described, I was looking for. Immediately I filled their enquiry for and uploaded my Medical Records. To my surprise next day, I received Free Second Opinion from 4-5 various Hospitals regarding the procedure of my treatment and cost of treatment. I went through all the opinions and decided to go for the treatment through India MediTourism. They assisted me for my visa. I flew to Delhi, India for my treatment. A warm welcome was given to me by the Healthcare Patient Advocate from India MediTourism and was brought to the Hotel. I had booked all of that in advance through India MediTourism. The next day I went to the Hospital and without any wait time, I was taken straight away to the Doctor for advice. I've seldom had such a positive experience with doctors. There was no rushing around and everything was explained to me. It impressed me how I was treated professionally, yet warmly as well. I really appreciate that.

In my home country Ethiopia, sadly, there are very few recognized specialists in the hospitals. Those who can afford it go abroad when they need treatment. For me, that was nothing out of the ordinary. I know many from my city, who have taken their treatment in India for one or some reason.
The moment I received my diagnosis of gastric cancer, I was panicked for some time but later I calmed myself and did a research on Internet. I found many Hospitals in Thailand, Turkey, Malaysia and India offering treatment for Gastric Cancer. With my research on net, I found India comparatively cheaper with equally high standard of treatments.

I tried to contact many Hospitals in India along with some Medical management Company. Despite of my continued follow up I received no reply from any of the hospitals then I came across website of India MediTourism and with last hope wrote to them about my ailment and sent them all of my Medical reports. India MediTourism immediately acknowledged my mail and assured me to revert with various opinions within 24 hours. And they did, I received an email with 4-5 opinions and advice from different hospitals (there were 3 hospitals whom I contacted directly but they did not reply).

With the advice of India MediTourism, I was able to choose the hospital and doctor combination towards my treatment in India. I wanted the best doctor for me and that was what India MediTourism assured me of to beat cancer.

I finally decided to go with India MediTourism and requested them for an appointment with the Doctor. India MediTourism arranged the Invitation letter for visa and also recommended me in India Embassy office in Addis Ababa. I got my Medical Visa within 24 hours. I accordingly mailed my flight ticket to India MediTourism. India MediTourism's Healthcare Patient Advocate gave me a warm welcome at Delhi, India Airport and took me to the Hotel. All these arrangements were done by India MediTourism in advance. The arrangement was so systematic that I could not stop myself praising the system and friendly behavior of my Healthcare Advocate deputed by India MediTourism.

Next day, I was taken to the Cancer Hospital and to my surprise, my waiting time was zero. I have been taken directly to the doctor and their doctor evaluated me thoroughly. I've seldom had such a positive experience with doctors. There was no rushing around and everything was explained to me. It impressed me how I was treated professionally, yet warmly as well. I really appreciate that.

I'd prefer not to talk about the treatment itself. But I'll say this: It wasn't easy, but it did end successfully. As far as I can tell, the methods they used as well as the surgical robots were incredibly innovative. The tumor has gone and I can now recover. I was simply happy to be able to return to my family after the surgery. I would definitely recommend India MediTourism for the services they offered and that too without charging a single penny. Thank You India MediTourism.
Marufta Yashmeen, Age: 18, Country: Bangladesh, Diagnosis: Kidney Transplant

Marufta Yashmeen, Age: 18, Country: Bangladesh, Diagnosis: Kidney Transplant

I contacted India MediTourism for my daughter, who was suffering from Kidney disease and within 48 hours they reverted with 4 opinions from different hospitals. I was assisted by them to get Medical Visa and after obtaining the medical visa, we came to Delhi for my daughters treatment in B L Kapoor Hospital. We were welcomed by the staff of India MediTourism and was introduced to one Mr. Deep Soni as our Healthcare Patient Advocate.

Mr. Deep was with us right from the time of receiving us from the airport till the time of seeing off at airport. He was with us at each visit to hospital, at each consultation to doctor and he was with us whole day when the operation was taking place. He was assuring me of good result, and was caring me like his family member. I am grateful to these people of India MediTourism and fortunate to find India MediTourism who never made me feel that they are agent as they never charged us for any facility or services they offered us except the treatment cost which we paid directly to hospital. Thank You India MediTourism.

It was a very difficult time for me, when I was running from one hospital to another hospital for my daughter suffering with Kidney Problem. She was losing her weight day by day and at one point her weight was just 42 Kg, when her doctor advised for Kidney Transplant, the only option left.

I was unable to decide where to get this done. Though there are some good hospitals in Dhaka, but the success rate of those hospitals were not encouraging me and finally a friend of mine recommended to India MediTourism, he came across while his mothers treatment in India.

He shared me their contact details and immediately I wrote them about the condition of my daughter. They called me up and asked to send all the medical reports via email. I sent them all the medical records I had and next day they reverted me with 4 opinions from various hospitals in India along with recommendation to one hospital based on Doctor profile, Hospital infrastructure and success rate. Meantime I was wondering as having no knowledge of how to opt for a treatment in other country.

India MediTourism sent me the letter of Invitation and on that ground I obtained medical visa. I was also afraid as it is first time I am flying to a foreign country and how I will manage alone all the treatment of my daughter and in case of need who will help me, how would be the food and etc. Finally I intimated my itinerary to India MediTourism and we were welcomed at New Delhi Airport at 1:45 PM by a Healthcare Patient Advocate (was deputed to us). He was very friendly and offered us bottled water, fruit basket with City guide map and a booklet of dos and dont's.

He took us to our hotel, which was arranged by India MediTourism in advance. The hotel was nearby the hospital (BLK Hospital). The Healthcare Patient advocate shared his number and asked us to call anytime if we require him. I was so relieved by friendly behavior of Healthcare Advocate that I was sure that my daughter's journey to a healthy life is going to be very smooth for me.

Next day we had our appointment with the doctor. The transplant coordinator advised us to submit some necessary documents, which India MediTourism very professionally arranged (India MediTourism already informed us about some documents to be brought from Bangladesh and we did that). We submitted the documents and after few days, my daughter got the date for operation. Throughout this time, one healthcare Patient Advocate always remained with us and made sure that we are comfortable with the treatment we are getting. He was also our tongue as we could not understand or speak Hindi. India MediTourism also arranged for a city tour and shopping tour for us.

Finally my daughter got operated and we stayed for 15 days for follow up checkup and then came back to Dhaka. I am so grateful to India MediTourism for all the assistance and services provided to us free of cost. All the staff of India MediTourism were very friendly and helping. I wish India MediTourism and its staff all the best in their life. I will never forget them and the way they treated me and my daughter like their own family member. May god bless you.
MOHAMMAD ALAMGIR, Age: 28, Country: Bangladesh

MOHAMMAD ALAMGIR, Age: 28, Country: Bangladesh


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